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VZW Quartier Dansaert ASBL
Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 182
1000 Brussels

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Ester De Sadeleer
Ester De Sadeleer

Name: Ester De Sadeleer
Profession: Student communication management
Lives in: The center of Brussels

What do you do in live?

My favorite pastime is to enjoy city life:  just taking a stroll or sitting in a café watching people go by.

How did you get here?

Today I had to guide foreign students through the city. I showed them Jeanneke Pis, rue de la Cigogne, La Bellone,...

Do you come here often?

My school is located in the area, so I come here every day - and I love it!

Do you have a favorite place in this area?

Place ste Catherine is a fantastic place, especially in summer!

What made the strongest impression on you today?

Today I was impressed by the wonderful light here. I don't know if it had an influence on the people, but they all looked incredibly friendly. 

Do you have a secret spot in Dansaert?

The small rue de la cigogne may not be so secret, but it surely is a special place!

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